QR Codes? What the heck?!

We are about to solve some issues with QR Codes like

  • make them looking good (and you know that what counts on a first impression is the look, not the character!),
  • make them readable,
  • make them flexible for almost every usecase,
  • SVG and svg and of course : SVG!
  • and, nevertheless, make them looking good... oh wait..

What's it worth for?

  • You can encode text as long as you like and the code will still be readable,
  • you can encode geolocations,
  • links, no matter what length (ok, there are restrictions about length, but you know what I mean, right?)
  • and so on

Any Restrictions? Costs?

No costs, no restrictions! Oh wait... some restrictions are inherit:

  • No porn-links, porn-images, porn-something!
  • No abusal stuff about anything, like child-abuse etc.!
  • No copy right violating stuff!
  • You got it, right?

And how does it works?

  1. Fill out a Form (we will link to it, if it's ready),
  2. the form will be very easy to understand,
  3. we will check the content (remember, the porn-stuff? We have to ensure, you got this one),
  4. we will send you an gif/jpeg/svg with your code
  5. and you will do with it whatever you want.



Pin whatever you want on a virtual map into the real world.

There are quadrillion usecases for that. If we can manage to earn 1€ per usecase we will be the next Zuckerbergs.
But until then, it works like that:

  • Is there anything around you you like to let know others? Yes? So just PIN IT!
  • It could be a resturant (ok, foursquare got that already),
  • a flashmob you want people to be part of,
  • a political riot,
  • ticket inspectors in your favorite subway?
  • an outdoor gangbang party?

We are confident that neither Foursquare nor Facebook will provide any geolocation service about gangbangs - but we do... no just kidding. Or not?
You have to try it by yourself.


Download our innovative gamechanging mobile app and start pin the world around you!

(think of a fancy marketing video here with funny little comic characters and drawings and stuff. You know what I mean! AND KNOW PRESS THE INVISIBLE PLAY BUTTON!)

Social Network?!

For gods sake - yes, of course it's a social network!
It will connect you with your friends and make the world a more open and connected bullshit bingo place from hell.


Is this my private Google?

It's private, yes.
But it is not Google.
First of all: Google hires quadruples of the best engineers of our time, throws money into their throats until they can hardly breath and build awesome but dangerous products.
Awesome, because they are doing kind of magical stuff. Dangerous, because no one knows, what they are doing with your data.

So that is what it is and you will never get around that and of course me and you and everyone around us is using Google products sometimes somewhere.

OwnSearch can solve a minor problem for you:

  • It can index your documents.
  • So it will make your documents searchable.

Does anyone need that where we have Apple Spotlight and so on?

Try to get documents stored on network devices indexed by spotlight.
That is no fun at all.


Search in your own stuff, without anyone else looking at it.
Maybe some porn is included - depends on you, nasty boy!